The No Good Very Bad Week

Saturday, December 08, 2007

This week has truly and by all means not been the best. The car repairs that were supposed to be around 1300 ended up being 2300. Yeah, that just puts a big whole hurt on the savings. We need a running car. We actually need two, but one is imperative. I actually wanted to just sit and cry yesterday. Every little thing was getting to me, and it just made things hard. I like to keep a positive upbeat out look on life, but some weeks make that very hard for me to do. I keep trying though. That's all you can do. Try.

I've had a headache since yesterday, and my back has been killing me again. I hate having a bad back like I do. I wish I had some kind of massage chair in the house, but do you know how much those things cost? At the mall I go to, they have these massage chairs you can put a dollar into and it gives you a three minute massage. Not nearly enough, but it is better than nothing really. One of these days I will have one in my house. Massage Chairs are really kind of neat. I've seen them around for a long time. They even have stores that only just sell massage chairs and other kinds of massagers. Sounds much better than saying vibrator cause when someone uses that word, people usually think of something dirty. Maybe that is just me and my perverted mind coming into play!


Sandy Carlson said...

I hope you feel better! God bless.

CyberCelt said...

Those massage chairs look like heaven. Of course, I cannot afford one, either. Homedics makes a more reasonably priced one.

Our new (to us) truck blew an engine the first time we used it to pull our travel trailer. I was ready to just walk out into deep water. You just have to keep on keeping on.

Here is hoping that 2008 is the best year ever!

Dana said...

I saw a massage cushion at Sam's Club today that I want. You put it on your favorite chair, turn it on, and sit back and get a nice massage. Maybe that would work for you?

Happy BYB Sunday!

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