26. Sunday Ramblings

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Mood: tired
Music: I Alone - Live

Well, it looks like I got nothing done yesterday. Nope. Not one thing. I took it easy, and I'm starting to wonder if Saturday might be my lazy day where I just don't get much done. Although I did have a good reason for not getting much done yesterday. I didn't go to bed til 7am on Saturday morning. Had an expected migraine that popped up out of nowhere around 1am that night and it kept me til 7am. I woke up four hours later, and I was absolutely feeling drained and sluggish the entire day. I hope to get some work done on Paradise Found sometime tonight. I did write a page back on Friday night before the headache hit. After Grey's and L word probably because I love both shows and I seem to drop everything when they come on. I've actually been known to be rude to people when L word comes on and I'm watching.

Today in my blog surfing I read a couple of blogs talking about writing and how hard being a writer is. HelenKay referred to a book for romance writers and how easy it is to get published these days. I have the same question she asked. How is this easy? Writing is not an easy thing to do. It is something some do have a talent for, but just because one has the talent has the skill or the talent that doesn't mean they will make it. They have to work at it. They have to write. They have to get the attention of an agent, editor, or publisher that wants to publish them. It isn't easy. There are days where the words don't come at all.

If it is so hard why do people do it? Why do so many people try to become an author? There are so many books lining the shelves of your local bookstore, and all those writers started somewhere. They worked at it. Improved their skill. Basically worked their butts off to get where they are now. A name on a book on that bookshelf. Some writers write for the money and the fame. They want to be the next Nora Roberts or Stephen King. Do you know how hard it is to become one of those big names everyone knows? Even if you don't read her everyone has at least heard of Nora Roberts. The same goes for Stephen King.

Then you have the writers that write for the love of it. They love to write. They love to put words down on paper or onto the screen. They love to create characters or write informative articles, depending on what you write. Some love to write and want to make a living from it. That is so hard to do. I'm trying, and I have been trying for years. I write a little bit of everything, and I know eventually all this hard work of mine will pay off. It is hard work. Those that don't write just don't understand. I've had some say that I sit online and do nothing all day. If only that was the case.

Personally, I write because I love doing it, and yes I'd like to be able to support myself someday with my writing. I'm unable to work currently, and if I can somehow turn my love and passion for words and writing into something then I'd be happy. Until that day though I'll continue to write just because it is something I love to do.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you. I write because I love to. Because it's part of who I am. But, it isn't easy. Never that. Heck, some days it's frustrating enough that I want to bang my head against my laptop -that usually occurs right after my cp tells me my conflict isn't working. So, seeing books that proclaim the benefits of the fast and easy career of romance writing make me nutty.


Gina said...

If it was easy, we wouldn't have so many unpublished writers around. I know the feeling. I've wanted to bang my head against the wall a couple of times. I usually take a step away from the computer when that happens. Thanks for stopping by!

Laura said...

I second Anonymous, I write because I love to an because I've been writing stories since I learnt how to write. But do you know what? My mother always used to say the things that are hard, are worth it in the end. So keep up your chin and take it one step at a time.

Lynn said...

Anybody who says it's easy has never really done it. I firmly believe that because writing is a hair-pulling, gut-wrenching experience, but it's all worth it in the end, whether you're published or not.

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