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Monday, May 02, 2005

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Music: Let the river run - Carly Simon

In case anyone hasn't picked up on this fact already by reading my entries, I am a chronic insomniac. I am up to all hours all of the night. 4am is not unheard of. The occasional 7am in the morning all-nighter does happen. Sometimes it isn't even meant to happen that way. I go to sleep at 5am, and then lay there for two hours because I can't sleep or I am not allowed to sleep. My kitten, JJ, is only three months old, and he hasn't learned to sleep on my schedule just quite yet. I lock him in with me in my room at night, so he doesn't roam around the house and get into too much trouble. Well, this just means he is stuck with me when he decides to wreck havoc. This morning was one of those times. I actually had to grab my pillow and go sleep in another bed. Luckily, my father works at 4am, so I just took over his room for a few hours. I knew I needed sleep.

Something great happened when I was laying there around 5:30 this morning though. I had this idea for a story pop into my head. It kept running over and over through my mind. It seems that is when most of my ideas come to me. As I fall asleep or while I'm in the shower. Of course, these are both times when a computer is not near me, so getting the idea down is next to impossible. I just have to cross my fingers, and hope that I remember the idea when I wake up.

Well, today was one of those days that I did remember. It was for a male/male story. Actually two different couples though. Four roommates living together in one house during one summer. One pair starts together, break up, then one of the other roommates confesses or develops feelings for one of the newly broken up men. A fourth guy moves in, and then things heat up with him and the other guy left. So you have two couples, one broken up couple still living together and their new romances. To me it just spells a recipe for humor and endless possibilities. I guess I'll add it to the to do list. Don't you wish there was enough hours in the day to write everything you want when you want to write it? I know I sure do.

Last night, I received an email from the First Draft mailing list, and I might have laughed right out loud. The article linked went right along with the entry I wrote about yesterday. And of course the link that worked only last night doesn't work for me now. I'll link it anyway just in case it works for anyone else. The article was called If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It! by Linda Francis Lee. And it covered a lot of things. I'm sure we can talk about the reasons why we write and why others write. Everyone has their own individual reasons for venturing down this path. The fact of the matter is they are your reasons, and your reasons might be different than mine. I write because I love it, and yes I'd love to earn a living with it, but I know in order to do that I'll have to work hard. I'm willing to do that though.


Lynn said...

Great post, Gina, and congrats on that middle-of-the-night moment! Mine always come in that haze between awake and asleep or during the shower. Same problem as you--fingers crossed I remember long enough to get it written down.

I write because I love it, too, and if I never sold, it wouldn't deter me from writing. Yeah, selling would be nice, but the best for me is being able to look back over something I wrote and thinking, "Wow! I wrote that!"

Gina said...

Thank you, Lynn! It is so weird the times things will actually pop into your head. Happens to me often during those half awake moments or even in dreams.

"Don't you wish there was enough hours in the day to write everything you want when you want to write it?"

YES! LOL And my ideas usually come when I'm driving. :$ LOL So glad that you remembered your idea though. :D

-Liz (from the Erotic Romance Writers' Forum)

chryscat said...

You nailed it.

My ideas come when I'm in bed, trying SO hard to fall asleep. And yes, I would probably do somebody some harm if I could have at least twelve more hours in the day.
In a perfect world.

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