39. Another weekend begins ...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Mood: productive
Music: I shall believe - Sheryl Crow

Another Saturday is upon us. The weekend is usually something everyone looks forward to because for most people it means no work. Not for a writer because a writer's job seems to never be done. If it isn't one thing it is that other thing. If it isn't the actual writing, it is doing something writing related. I woke up today, and did some updating to my website. Changed the background, added some links to my writing page of things I've done in the last few months. I hate staring at HTML, but I have a system that works for me which makes it a bit easier to deal with. It is still a free site, but I'll work on that later. One step at a time.

I wasn't able to get anything done with the Torquere short. I'm sitting down tonight after Saturday night movie night, and tackling that. I was distracted last night by some things that popped up last minute. I also need to clean my room today. I'm a packrat with books everywhere, so I need to go through and organize, pick up, and move things. That should take an hour or so.

My review for Beauty and Submission by Maria Isabel Pita is up over on Romance Divas. The book discusses the Master/Slave relationship through the words of one sex slave. If this topic remotely interests you, this book is a definite read. The author wrote about her experience so vividly. I couldn't put it down.


Lynn said...

The site looks great, Gina! Any progress on that short?

Gina said...

Thanks, Lynn. Not much this weekend. I've had this mini migraine bothering me since yesterday, so I haven't been all that productive writing wise. I did get some editing done though, so I'm still keeping busy.

Jill said...

Cute website, loved cartoon Brad Pitt!

Silma said...

Oh, I'm a packrat myself. Got tonz of books everywhere. Today I bought a new bookshelf, so I can put all the books piled up against the corner. *lol*

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