38. The dreaded Friday the 13th

Friday, May 13, 2005

Every time this date falls on a Friday, people are always fearing what this day will bring them. This day only really reminds me of some cheesy 80's horror flicks with a character that has become much more than he was intended to be. Yes, I'm talking about Jason from the Friday the 13th films. There are still movies with this character being released to this date. Probably even more in the future will be released, but I think the movies that were made earlier on were truly scary and the movies now are more gore fest than truly scary. You only look away now because it is visually unappealing and gross, rather than being scary.

I'm a girl that loves a good horror flick now and then. although I do tend to watch less and less of them because most are just stupid based on their basis premises. I usually don't go to see them in movie theaters anymore either. I wait until they come out on cable because then I'm not wasting eight dollars on the movie by sitting in a movie theater for two hours where there will be a phone ringing, a baby crying, or the theater will be too damn cold for comfort. I actually rarely going to the movies anymore, but I will be venturing out early next Friday morning to go and view the last installment of the Star Wars prequels. I could probably go on and on about my love for the Stars films, but I shall refrain for now.

I guess I see this day just like any other day of the year. Just because the date usually has some superstitious meaning attached to it doesn't mean it really is a bad day. I guess I'm the type that feels that if these things were meant to happen on this particular Friday, they would happen regardless of this being the 13th. Although I have seen some have some bad luck on this date. It does make you wonder at times, but I just keep going about my day.

Last night, my lazy day turned into a somewhat lazy but productive night. I actually signed off my instant messenger quite early for me and read a good part of Cole Dempsey's back in town. I've been pulled in the story already, and I can't wait to read more later. Once I was done reading, I opened up Word and began to work on my entry for Torquere Press contest. I got about half of it done before my brain fizzled on me. I'll work some more on that tonight, and I also did some more polishing on my Desdmona entry. Not much you can do with under 300 words, other than make sure you use those words to the best of your ability.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


Lynn said...

Sounds like you made some progress last night...congrats!

And Happy Friday the 13th to you.

Beth Ciotta said...

Sounds like we have a few things in common, Gina. I also think movie makers haveforgotten how to make a truly scary movie. You need only to watch any one of sevearl Hitchcock films to know you can be scared out of your socks without a gimpse of gore.

Secondly, although I've been disappointed in the last couple of prequels, I, too, cannot wait for the latest Stars Wars adventure. I'm a HUGE fan of the original trilogy.

Lastly, I'm getting ready to plunge into 'Cole Dempsey's Back In Town' too. How funny!

Here's hoping you have a productive weekend!

chryscat said...

This Friday the 13th was a blur.

I remember there used to be this hugs STIGMA attached to the day when I was younger.
My dad was fired on two Friday the 13ths. From the same job. So I heard about how unlucky it was growing up. Never mind the fact that it was his mouth that had him fired, not the day. heh

Gina said...

Thanks, Lynn!

It certainly sounds that way, Beth! I love old movies, and some of the originals of the Friday the 13th, Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street were actually scary. they just lost their scare factor with continuing on the story. Okay so he goes around killing people and he has his own theme music when he does it? Okay! Got it!

I can't wait for Friday. I am really excited. The book is wonderful. I'm about a third of the way in, and I can't put it down.

The day was a blur for me too, Crystal. No bad luck at all.

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