54. Memorial Day ramblings

Monday, May 30, 2005

Today is a day we remember those men and women that fought bravely for our freedom, giving their lives for it in some cases. My father is a WWII veteran. He entered the marine corp at the age of seventeen to go fight for our country following the attack on Pearl Harbor. He fought in the Pacific campaign, and my grandmother allowed her son to go. He is still with me today, but there are so many that lost their lives. This day is to remember them, and I do.

In this day, where everything is made commercialized, sales are the standard for this day. Not sure if it is fitting to celebrate this day by looking for the best deal, but I admit today I went out and did just that. I saw a great deal on memory for my computer and I went out and bought it. Installed it myself, too. I'm a bit handy with the computer. I just hadn't had the funds to buy the memory needed til now with the deal they had. It did take me about an hour, what would have taken only minutes for a tech to do at the store, but I saved the installation costs for myself. Computer is running a bit smoother as well.

In other news, I think I just sold an article. I had posted a review of Queer as Folk's episode last night on a site, and I had an email from an editor this morning interested in the content with a few changes. I made the changes they mentioned, and resubmitted the article. Heard back an hour later, and they had expressed interest in purchasing it with one more change requested. Which I did. Now I'm waiting to hear back on the final word.

Today and tomorrow I need to submit the two flash shorts I wrote, and work some more on one of my WIP's. I didn't get much done this weekend, but I did get some done. Just need to do more. A writer's work is never done.


Lynn said...

Congrats on that possible sale. WOO HOO!

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