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Monday, May 16, 2005

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I never did make it here to write in my blog yesterday. After I finished cleaning on Saturday, I came down with a mini migraine that lasted well into Sunday. So I took it easy, and didn't do all that much writing wise. I did write a new editorial over on BlogCritics which you can find by clicking my reviews on my sidebar. It is a review on the second season of The L Word which ended last night.Next week the last season of Queer as Folk begins, and I am excited about that.

Back on Saturday when I was cleaning, I stumbled upon an old novel manuscript. I took a long look at it, flipped through the pages of the hard copy I had, went looking through my hard drive for the computer copy, and found that. Originally the novel was 70,000 words long, and I never did complete it. I went through the chapters, and I found what would be a goos starting point for a possible novella. A lot of the story was repetitious and useless back story. So over the next few weeks, I am going to try to clean up and edit what is already there, and then go about writing an ending. The plot is similar to the Jennifer Lopez movie, Enough. Not exactly like it, but close, and I wrote it before that movie was released a few years ago. Right now, I have about 26,000 words, and the story is a bit dark. I'm wondering if there are markets that would take a darker romantic suspense. I'll have to look into that. Any suggestions on that are welcome as well.

Today at some point I need to pick up on the Torquere short. I should be able to knock the end out in a sitting. Just need to get to work on it because the contest ends on Friday at midnight. Just can't concentrate when my head is pounding. I did get some starting edits done on the novella though, so that's good.

Thanks to everyone that stopped over at my site, and left comments. It is fairly basic at the moment, but I do plan to make some more changes in the near future. Right now I'm off to blog hope. I did things backwards today, and wrote in here first. Have a wonderful Monday everyone.


R.L. Grace said...

Somewhere recently I heard a quote that went something like this...every story has interest potentially, it's all a matter of how you tell it. I like this idea way better than the thought that a writer has 200,000 words at the beginning of their career that they are doomed to offer up on the altar of bad writing. I think it's great that you are dusting off an old manuscript and breathing new life into it. You've obviously grown as a writer since you can see the problem areas. I am sure there is a market out there for it. If I stumble across one I'll make sure and send it your way.~Ronii

Gina said...

Thank you, Ronii. There are so many markets out there, both with print and e-publishers. I like that quote.

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