Some quick TV thoughts

Monday, October 08, 2007

Yesterday, I watched the first two episodes of Cane, which is on CBS on Tuesday nights following The Unit. I kept meaning to watch it, but I think watching two episodes at once gives you the better feel of a new series to see if I want to put the effort into more. Cane stood up to my test, and I'll be watching more. It is about a Cuban family that runs a business, in what appears to be Miami. We have brothers and sisters and children all mixing about. It sort of has the upper class feel of Brothers & Sisters, and a similar story line to that series with one of the sons going off to Iraq, but other than those small plot points I found myself enjoyng the series. I hadn't had a good Hispanic series on television for awhile. I'm thinking back to Resurrection Blvd on Showtime for anyone that remembers that. Ugly Betty seems to poke fun at the culture. I'm looking forward to seeing more of Cane. Next up for me to watch, Private Practice. I'm off to do that now.


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