Fees, banks and credit

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I will always be amazed at how banks work. Truly and honestly. Today I just received in the mail a statement from my bank about them changing my account on me. Of course, I immediately called to find out just what was up. Luckily, I found someone nice and understanding on the other end of the line. Sometimes when you call banks or credit cards you have to wonder who you will end up talking to. Some can be class a jerks. After about five minutes though, everything was settled. I do my best to keep an eye on my finances. I have one credit card that went up too high, and we have a payment plan for it. it is currently closed until we pay it off.

I don't mind not having a credit card. If I can't find a way to pay for it outright then I don't need it. If I really need it, then we will find a way. Sometimes I wonder how I can better manage my credit in the future, and while surfing around I've found one credit help blog that seems to have some helpful information on credit and credit cards. They talk about a variety of topics including managing your money and spending habits and reading your credit report. How many of us know just what your credit score means? Finances can just be confusing. At least today it was fairly easy and cut and dry. It isn't always.


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