A lazy Saturday.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Today has been a good re-energizing day. I slept in a little, and I just did absolutely nothing for a few hours. Some days you just need to do that. I was up late last night, and it was just good. Things seem to be falling into place. A friend of my brother's has a cat ready to have kittens, and she knows we just lost JJ last month, so we have first pick of the litter when it comes in. Since they aren't even born yet, we won't have a new little one around the house until just before Christimas time. I miss JJ though. It's really kind of amazing how much you can attach yourself to your pets, but he was always around me. My brother and I think he might have been sick for a little while without us noticing. He looked as healthy as he always did. He was a good cat. Mikey has sort of taken over as king of the castle though. He knows he's it now. At least for another month or two!


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