Sexy cool.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Last month, I went underwear shopping, and you know you never really realize how much has changed in woman's lingerie until you actually look. It can be sexy. A lot sexier now than it has been in the past. At least I think so. There are even places online where if you want you can buy lingerie. Might make things easier in this technology age, but there is just something about going to an actual store and buying something. Plus, its easier to deal with things. Just last month, I bought a stereo online. Great deal on a six CD changer. Under forty dollars from Received it a week later, and it came broke right out of the box. The CD changer wouldn't even open, so I can try any of my Cd's. Yes, I know stereos and lingerie are two totally different things, but buying lingerie online means you take a chance of any number of problems. Still it might be worth trying out. There is just something about picking up a new set of sexy lingerie.


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