Just not a good night

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Last night wasn't a very good night at all. I ended up having one of the worst panic attacks I've had in months. It just came on out of nowhere, and when they do come on I just try to focus on one thing until it passes. Even when it passes, I'm left a bit on edge for the rest of the night, and that was the case last night. Little things kept happening too. I think my printer is running low on ink, so that bugged me for the strangest reason. For about five minutes I looked for a site to buy ink online for my printer. I found this one site called Cartridge Finder. It helps you find the right cartridge for your printer, and it even finds the best price using price grabber. Not a bad deal. Ink can cost so much these days, and when you have some type of business you run out of your home, it is good to always find the best price. With how bad last night was, a little sleep, and I felt completely refreshed. Sometimes all you need is a little sleep.


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