Protecting yourself.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Back in July, we had new owners come and take over the building we lived in. When someone new comes in, you always have to wonder what will happen. Our property had its problems over the years, and we were looking forward to seeing what changes and improvements would be made. Changes started happening quite quickly. One of them being that we needed to get insurance for our apartment. We'd never even heard of renter's insurance, and if we didn't need to get it we weren't. It's just another bill to add on top of all the other bills we have. We soon learned that there was no way around it. We ended up going through our car insurance provider to get us set up. It didn't take long at all. Insurance is something everyone needs. There are many different types too. You can have home insurance, car insurance and even life insurance. You can probably even insure your pet if you wanted. I've heard some crazy things people have wanted to insure. Body parts even. Crazy huh? This world certainly can be.


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