You have a such great voice.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Every time I talk to people they tell me what a great voice I have. People tell me I have a great phone voice. Friends of my brother's that call are always telling him what a great voice I have. I've never really thought about it though. It's just my voice. I hear myself talk, and I don't really see anything special about it. They do though. It's just strange to me. A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine was talking about cartoons and all the work that goes into them. You realize that with animated work voice is big. So many actors today are lending their voices to animated features. Just last week, I heard that one of my favorite actors, Eric Bana, was lending his voice to another animated feature. He voiced one of the smaller characters in Finding Nemo. Sometimes I wonder if I could pull off something like that. There are places where voice over talent is wanted, but I've always seen myself as a behind the scenes type of person. Creating the words the voices are putting fire and passion into. I know no one would see me, but my voice would be heard by millions, and that is just way too much of a scary thought for me. Probably is for a lot of people.


Yeah it is a scary thought! my Best friend Lexy is going to sing and I'm thinking "aren't you scared?!" even though I've never heard you before, I think you'll make a great singer!
(not trying to be a stalker or anything lol)

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