Grooving Tunes

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I am a music nut. I'm always listening to new music, and I love talking about the music and the new groups I end up discovering. In the past on this blog, I've had Tunes Mondays where I talk about the new music I find. Then I'd always end up forgetting to post on Monday. Yes, I know. That's bad of me. This is when Grooving Tunes comes in. Once a week I'll post about a song or an artist that has caught my eye, share some of the music, and maybe even help you find a new group to like in the process. This might be something new to me, or an old favorite I've rediscovered. Great music is timeless it seems, and I'm always finding myself finding old songs or artists I'd forgotten about too.

This week that group is Hinder. I heard their one single, Lips of an Angel, a few months ago, and it was stuck in my head. I didn't look around for anything else, but that song became one of my favorites. A couple of weeks ago, I was listening to one of the music choice stations on my cable provider, and another one of Hinder's songs came on. I found myself loving it, and I wanted to listen to more. I ended up grabbing their CD, and it is really great. Rock more than anything, with a sexy sounding vocalist to boot. I haven't been able to stop listening since. Here is the video for Lips of an Angel, and some links where you can check out more for yourself.


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