What a difference.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A few weeks ago I was in a very different state of mind. I was depressed, and I wasn't happy with much of anything. Life had just kept throwing those curve balls at me. One after another. I was looking for something, anything at all, to bring me back out of the funk I was in. Then I found it. I rediscovered the one thing I had always been able to count on. My writing. My writing had been taking hit after hit the past year. I wasn't even happy with anything I had been writing in months. I could always count on it before, but that wasn't even there to help me pull through.

That is until recently. I'm finally happy writing again. I've found someone to write with that is like me, and we just bounce back and forth together so well.  I know some might not understand role play and all it involves, but it can certainly get the creativity going when you have had next to nil in the creativity department. That is where I've been for months. If I can't sit there and enjoy writing with someone else, then there is a problem. My muses are starting to wake up again.

Life is still a bit crazy, but things are starting to look up again. My modem died the other day, and I had to go out and pay eighty bucks for a new one. That sucked. They are still working on my roof. That sucks too. I'm able to handle it a bit better though because at the end of the day I have something that makes me smile again.


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