What's a Smorty?

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yesterday, I mentioned about one get paid to blog site I found over the weekend. That wasn't the only one I found. I applied to a couple. One has completely confused me, and I've heard back from another. Right now, my focus is on Smorty. They approved this blog for use with their site yesterday morning, and since then I've received numerous emails announcing opportunities I can pick up to write on here on my blog. I only pick topics to write on that I'm interested in. Sometimes it is funny how I find topics that can relate to things going on in my life here offline. That happens more often than not. Smorty seems to be a good get paid to blog site. They pay you weekly through paypal, and there are no opportunities available that pay less than six dollars. That seems to be a nice small number. They say with time working with them you might even be able to get higher paying job assignments. Some even as high as one hundred dollars. The most I have seen on other sites is fifteen dollars. I'll have to keep my eye on this one.


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