Almost November

Saturday, October 27, 2007

It is really amazing how fast time flies. Here we are just about ready for Halloween, and as soon as that passes we have the holiday season upon us. Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here, and then we can say good-bye to the year 2007 and say hello to 2008. Time really does seem to move quickly at times. I was talking to my friend about Thanksgiving just the other day, and the best part about Thanksgiving isn't the football or the food, it is the day after Thanksgiving sales. Black Friday they call it. Stores open early, and there are all kinds of super deals for it.

I remember when I was a kid, my mom would want to hit those sales. We'd check out the ads and it was the day we ended up getting most of our holiday shopping done. One year, we happened to go to the mall the day the newly elected Bill Clinton was coming through for a visit. I'm not sure why he picked that mall on the day after thanksgiving, but my mom wanted to make the effort to meet him. She hadn't ever met a President before, and she passed away nearly three years later. That day always sticks out for me.

November 23rd, we will have another Black Friday upon us, and surfing around today I found This site will let you know when the ads for some of your favorite stores are released and show you just what the special deals are. I'm always curious to see what some of the stores are offering. They have everywhere from Best Buy coupons and Wal-Mart to Toys R Us for those shopping for the kids. I'm an avid online shopper, and I was pleasantly surprised they even have Amazon deals listed.

I've picked up quiet a few things on Amazon. Mostly books and DVD's, but I did pick up a great deal on a new video card there last year when it looked like mine might be going out. It's kind of weird to be planning for the holidays when it is currently ninety-six degrees outside, but it is that time of year again!


When I was a kid I loved going shopping the day after Thanksgiving. My mom and her sister would drag all of us kids downtown (Chicago) and we'd make a festive day of it. All the Christmas shopping would be done on that day.

I used to get into the spirit of Black Friday shopping when my daughter was small. I thought it was great fun. But now? I do all I can to avoid it. Clearly I’ve grown into an old curmudgeon. LOL

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