181. Sunday ramblings

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Another lazy Sunday. I don't know what it is about the weekend's I don't get as much done. I think I see it as a chance to reenergize too, so I take it a bit easier. I don't write as many reviews. I post music reviews usually on Friday's, and then I have the Saturday Night Premiere on Saturday nights reviewing whichever movie premiered on the cable that night. Last night was a weak night on the cable networks. The only movie on was Dodgeball and you can read my short review it here.

Speaking of television last night, did anyone else catch Satuday Night Live's season premiere last night? I did, and I'm about to go post about it over on my MV blog. I think some of the opening skits on last night's show were a bit unnecessary. I missed one of them, but the one I caught about the hurricanes and New Orleans I thought was a bit tactless. I didn't find it very amusing at all. Since blogger went down for maintainance as I was writing this post you can read my full thoughts on the SNL premiere here.

Last night I began reading Mr. Right Now by Monica Jackson. I had turned in my latest ERRW review, so it was time to start something new, so I opened the ARC Monica had sent me last week. I had only planned to read twenty pages or so because I wanted to try and write last night, but I ended up reading about half the book. Hope to finish that in the next couple of days, so I can review it. I also received my latest review assignment in the mail from Romance Divas, The Vampire Sextette. Perfect book to read for October!

Over at ERRW, I learned that I won something in their final contest for Super Sexy September. I won a signed cover of Black Widow by Marissa de Amor. Also just in from my email just now, my review blog One Couch Critic was named featured blog by Virtual Loop, one of the traffic exchanges I belong too. They mentioned my blog in their weekend email that goes out to all their members with a link to my blog.

Since Blogger is back up, I can now post this! I hope you have a wonderful evening everyone!


Kelly Parra said...

Wonderful news, Gina! Very excited for you!

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