201. Well a muse peeked out ...

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A muse. For all of twenty minutes that is, and then it ran scurrying back into the place where all our muses go when they are hiding. A new muse. So I spent those twenty minutes writing a page of something new. Sigh I always start something new, and then the current WIP's get neglected. I need to really work on that. One thing at a time though. First I have to get my muses going again, and then I'll worry about grabbing the right muses.

Last night, I finished reading Never Love a Stranger by Ellen Fisher. It took me a bit of time to read it, even if it is a short read coming in just under 200 pages as a trade paperback. I had to read my other commitments first, but the story had pulled me in, so I tried to read a little bit each day. I plan to have a formal review of the book up on my review site within the week, but in short I loved it.

I just saw Lindsay Lohan's newest video for her first single off her new CD. I found the video online last night, and I think it premiered on MTV last night. I don't know what it is but the pop princesses seem to pull me in. I love Lindsay, Ashlee and Hilary. Actually have bought both Lindsay's and Ashlee's CD's, and I know I'll pick up Lindsay's new one next month when it comes out. Watching the video though, my heart broke for her just a little. The song lyrics are based on her own relationship with her father, and the video is just heartbreaking, and you can hear the emotion in her voice when she is singing. She has definitely been through a lot it seems.

For those television junkies that stop by, check out my review of last night's episode of Surface over on my review site. Tuesday is a busy night for me with two shows I review airing - Supernatural and Real World. Real World is really losing me this season though. I hope the torture ends soon! I'm excited because I know Bones returns next week, but that will only make my Tuesday nights even busier!

Have a great night everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

Yeah, those new ideas just pop up and you have to write something down. Makes it tough to finish wips!

Ellen Fisher said...

Glad you liked STRANGER, Gina:-). I'd like to add that it's not really a short book-- the NCP books appear to be shorter than they really are because they've used very small font, tiny tabs, and no breaks for chapters. NEVER LOVE A STRANGER is about 88,000 words by actual word count, which is only marginally shorter than the average book from NY. My historical for NCP is a mere 250 pages-- but it's 110,000 words, longer than most NY books. So in both cases the page count is somewhat misleading!

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