190. The weather changes ...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Living in Arizona, you learn to live with the summers, and then wait until the weather starts to change to the cooler temps. When the change happens, it is quick. Sometimes you don't even realize it has happened. Now when you deal with above a hundred temps all summer any huge drop in temp and you're freezing. Well, the last few nights it has been in the sixties. For most that is barely cool. For me, I'm sitting here in my room shivering and borrowing sweatshirts from the brother because for the life of me I couldn't remember where my warmer clothing was. Once I had the sweatshirt on, I found it within ten minutes, but I didn't want to wait those ten minutes. I wanted warmth, and I wanted it NOW.

Today it is in the 80s. A warm day. I'm still cold though. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 94. The weather is changing though, and this means people catching colds and the like. I'm hoping it doesn't happen here in my household because if one gets sick all of us somehow gets sick. Speaking of getting sick, I woke up today and started up my computer to find it had a virus. I somehow knew I had one yesterday, but it wasn't showing up anywhere. My computer was just running really slow. So I looked for one a couple of times with no luck. I quickly found it when my computer started this morning and rid my computer of it. I'm hoping all traces of it are gone. Things look to be fine now, but I won't know for sure until I try rebooting again.

I still haven't hopped back into my fiction yet. I know I will. The muses have been peeking their heads out for brief moments of time, but if I go to grab one they run and hide. I'm thinking I needed this time to get settled with other things. Once those things in the nonfiction side of my brain are more organized, I'm sure I'll be back to normal fiction wise. Last night, I reviewed and recapped Supernatural and Real World. Check for both reviews over on my review site, One Couch Critic!

NOTE: I've been getting hit horribly by spam on this blog the last week, so I've turned on spam protection for a bit on here. Hopefully, the spammers will leave me alone soon so it can go back off.

Have a great night everyone!


kacey said...

hope you can catch that muse and get back into the fiction writing soon!

Bummer on the computer virus, but glad you got it fixed. I just spent an afternoon get a browser hijacker off my dad's computer. WHY do people spend their time making these nasty things like hijackers, virus, and spam???

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