196. Fun with search engines and other stuff

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Over at Daisy's blog today she posted a totally hilarious post mentioning this little search engine game I've seen floating around the blogoshere lately. Go to google and type name followed by needs in the search box. For example, I typed in "Gina needs." Yes, you need the quotations. This is what I've found I need according to google.

* Gina needs a severe reprimand for having done what she did, but she certainly didn't fabricate a story out of thin air like what's his face over at ...
* Gina needs to draw herself naked
* Gina needs to watch cable in her room
* Gina needs a makeover
* Gina needs to change her self-talk
* Gina NEEDS bloomers in Xtra Small
* Gina needs to be able to. reach out to him, rather than have him initiating. the contact all the time.

A few of these really cracked me up, especially the draw myself naked one. Hah I can't even draw stick figures, so that would come across well. Only not? Alos we will not discuss the one about my bloomers! Hah! If you want to play along, post the results in comments or in your own blog! Trust me its fun!

I've been real under the weather the last few days. I've had to struggle a bit to keep up with commitments to my two other blogs. It usually hits me at night harder, so I've been writing my news bits for over at Thoughts from the Couch in the afternoons, and posting them throughout the day instead of all at once as I had been doing originally. I think that actually works better, so I'll probably keep doing things that way.

I'm finally getting into the flow of things there. I spend anywhere from an hour or two every day looking for and covering entertainment news for my blog there. Then we have my review blog whch is doing well. Check over there for reviews of this week's Grey's Anatomy, Surface and Supernatural. Link is on my sidebar! Tonight is Lost! I'm excited. Lost, Grey's and Surface are probably my three favorite shows right now. They are all good television shows.

I'm hoping whatever bug I have goes away quickly. I think my muses might be waking up, but I don't do well when I'm sick, so we'll have to see. Have a wonderful night everyone.


Sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather. I hope you’re feeling better soon, Gina!

I love the results you got in your Google search--VERY funny! I liked the first one especially. It makes you wonder when you read those little snippets what’s going on in the lives of those people, doesn’t it?

Actually, I have to stop wondering things like that because I already waste waaaaaaay too much time on nonproductive stuff (like doing Google searches for fun). LOL

You know that old saying about laughter being the best medicine? I really believe that’s true. So while you’re feeling under the weather spend some more time finding hilarious results with your name. It’ll help to make you feel better sooner!

Take care! :-)

Kelly Parra said...

Feel better soon, Gina! Sounds like you're getting the hang of spacing out your projects. Good luck. =D

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