180. Start of a new month

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Well here it is October 1st already. Honestly where does time go? It seems to pass so quickly, but when we're actually in the moment everything seems to move oh so slowly. Isn't it weird like that? I had a busy September. With the start of my review site, and my position with Media Village I wrote over 35,000 words this month, 5,000 of which were fiction. I submitted fiction to two e-zines, and I'm also still working on things there but as when the end of the month rolls around I take it a bit easier for a few days to recharge the batteries. The past week offline was also a bit crazy, but I'm hoping things get better this week.

My review site in its first month open earned just under 6,000 hits. I really promoted it. I made my way onto the fan boards for television shows and onto the traffic exchange sites. Some do work better than others. I just redid my sidebar over on my review blog, added some more links, took out some of the graphics because the page was taking a bit to load. I do want to be dial-up friendly because I'm on dial-up myself. Over on the Romance Divas Forum, I've been given the title of "The Grand Dame of Blogging." Seems I know way to much about blogging and I keep finding new ways to promote my blogs everyday.

None of the movies on cable tonight are really grabbing me at all. I might check in on one of them. I'll have to see. I really want to try and add some more onto the For Hire story. I haven't thought of a new name for it, so that will have to do. After that is done I need to jump back into my paranormal, but the story trail freezes on me. I hate when that happens to a story. I'm feeling a bit lazy today, so I'm off.

Have a great day everyone.


jon said...

online horoscope info is so cheesy but we were looking at it anyway...why i dont know. I guess it is fun to play around online. Anyway, I saw your online horoscope posts and though it was cool...Alright, well...have a great night, I am back to online horoscope surfing LOL : )


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