183. Tuesday ramblings

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Don't you hate how you think something is only going to take ten minutes and it ends up taking you almost two hours? I hate when that happens. I was going through the job posting over on Morning coffee, and I saw one that looked promising. A 20k a year part time writing job that is partly blogging and interviewing. So I decided I wanted to apply. Wrote up an email, checked my resume, and then I checked my website since that is what I use to keep track of all my writing clip links. Somehow my clips page got all messy. I'm not sure how it happened, so I needed to go in and redo parts of it. Made some other changes, and I hate digging into HTML because it isn't any fun. Finally got it all put together and submitted my resume. Here's me crossing my fingers.

I haven't been feeling my best the last day or two as I mentioned, so I've done my recaps over on my website, but not much else this week. I've used it as an opportunity to catch up on my reading. Finished Mr. Right Now last night. Look for my full review of that soon to be released book by Monica Jackson later on this week over on One Couch Critic. I've updated my weekly recap links up til the show that aired last night which was Surface. I truly love that show. It sucks me in every week. Some nice twists last night too. Click the link on my sidebar for Surface and read all about it! I'm hoping I feel better soon. I think its something to do with my one tooth. I usually have the same problem on the other side with another tooth, but I'm not sure if they are related. I just have sensitive teeth. Tonight I'll be watching Supernatural, Close to Home and the Real World. Heard good things about Close to Home, so I'm looking forward to it.

Some of you might remember my mentioning my friend in Lousiana area. She returned home last night, and is back online. Minor damage to her home. She is trying to move forward and not making the hurricane the focus of her life. She created a blog today posting some pictures and talking about the effect the hurricane had on her area. She lives just minutes away from the Lake Charles area. You can read about her experience at From The Ashes.

All the HTML work on my site drained me, so I'm leaving you here. Have a wonderful night everyone.

ETA: How did I not know the post I submitted to Romancing the Blog was accepted and went up yesterday? You can see the post here. I never heard back after I sent it in, so I never knew it was accepted. Hah! That just made my night.


Kelly Parra said...

Yeah, how did you not know your RTB post was up?? LOL! Good luck with the writing job!

Gina said...

I had sent my post in two months ago, and they never emailed to let me know it was accepted. I hadn't checked RTB since Sunday night. It was a nice surprise.

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