187. Another quiet weekend

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Another Saturday is upon us, and it looks to be fairly quiet. Not even much is happening on the celeb gossip front. Shocking really. Like my friend just told me that probably means something big is about to break. I've decided to take a bit easy on the writing front right now. Trying to pressure myself back into working on one of my WIP's won't help me any. I'll just be even unhappier with the results. I'll keep up with my posts on my blogs, but other than that I'll take it easy. I'll read and there is two good movies I've been wanting to watch on cable tonight too. Alien vs. Predator (Yes, it will probably be cheesy as heck, but I used to love both movies when I was younger) and Finding Neverland (which I've heard nothing but good things about).

Last night, I finally got around to starting the book I've been assigned to read for Romance Divas, The Vampire Sextette - a collection of six novellas with vampires. Perfect read for the month of October I think. I'll read another chapter in a bit probably. Sunday is football, and I'm looking forward to the games this week since some of the players I have in fantasy team have games on television here tomorrow. So much better when the games are on TV. My brother has informed me that the LA Angels are up in their series over the NY Yankees. I won't watch the games because I may love the sport, but the games bore me to watch. I can never sit through an entire baseball game on TV. However, I am an LA home girl, so I must cheer on my Angels. My other brother used to work at Angels stadium, so I got to hang out there behind the scenes once or twice. It was fun.

I've noticed something recently. I'm not all that much of a social person. I have a couple of people that I talk to on a daily basis, and a couple of others that drop in when they can. What I've noticed is some don't realize what they say before they say it. Sometimes even words said in a joking manner can be hurtful. Words are one of the most powerful things, and sometimes they can hurt even more than physical actions. It just depends on what the words are referring to. Sometimes what one might consider to be funny might not be considered funny by someone else. As writers, we are more aware of the power of words, but not everyone else gets that. In the grand scheme of things, one off color comment doesn't mean much though. People get over it, and its done. It doesn't become something to dwell on, but in that moment it does hurts, and it will probably sting for a day or two, but it'll pass.

My review of Fiona Apple's new CD went up on my review site last night. You can check that out here. Tonight I'll review one or both movies on cable tonight as part of my Saturday Night Premiere, and once SNL airs tonight's episode I plan to write up my thoughts for Ashlee Simpson's appearance tonight on that show for my Weekend Buzz over on Thoughts from the Couch!

Have a great evening everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

Cheer up, Gina, and yeah, sometimes what people say you have to just let it roll off you. But easier said than done. =)

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