198. Making changes ...

Friday, October 21, 2005

Well I spent a small part of the last twenty four hours taking a look at my sidebar hear on this blog, and making some changes to it. When I looked at it I saw I hadn't changed some things in a while. All my attention has been focused on my review site the last month. I need to give this site attention too. So I moved some things around. Also added my blog here to some of the traffic exchanges that my review blog is on, so I might see a bit more traffic here. Always good to have some new faces see your sites. All the work on the blog here took a bit more time than I thought. I want to find a new site background once halloween passes. Something a bit more holiday or winter like, but I didn't have time to look for any today. Maybe later on. I have some time to do that. i like the layout of both my sites, so I think I'll keep them. Some sites I've seen have some horrible designs.

Last night, my ISP went down for a few hours. I was getting ready to post one of my reviews, and my connection just died on me. After waiting an hour on hold with AOL, they finally told me they had nation wide server outage, and the service should be back up between two to twenty-four hours. The site was up in just under three, but it delayed me on doing some of the things I usually do at night, so I stayed up til 5am to do them. Got everything done though. Took the down time to finish reading another one of the novellas in the Vampire Sextette. three down and three to go. This book is taking forever to read, and I still need to read the two short stories that ERRW assigned me to review this month.

This month has been especially hectic, but I'm hoping things slow down a bit. I want to get back to my fiction because I'm starting to miss hearing the muses talking in my head now. The weekends are a bit slower for me, so maybe I'll try to tackle a muse later on this weekend. Have a great night everyone!


kacey said...

good luck with that muse this weekend. Hope you have time to work on your fiction.

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