186. The Cycle of life

Friday, October 07, 2005

Doesn't it feel like life goes in cycles. Everything does when you really think about it. Our moods, our lives, our writing. Some months we go like gangbusters and we write all this stuff, and then the next month you write nearly nothing, or what you do write you hate? You look at stuff you wrote and you make a face and then you resist the urge to delete delete delete. I have those moments, and I know other writers do too. I'm in one of those cycles myself at the moment. It feels like I'm pulling teeth when it comes to my writing. I'm actually glad things are slowing down a bit. One of my weekly shows just ended its season, another is about to in a few weeks time, and two of my shows are off this month due to baseball coverage on FOX. It is given me a bit of time to get out of this bit of a funk I'm in.

I'm hoping to find my muses sometime this weekend. I also have a music review to write for my review blog on the newly released Fiona Apple CD. Then I need to write up the review for Mr. Right Now at some point this weekend as well. I tried to start reading my newest review assignment for over at Romance Divas last night before bed, but my eyes were tired. I was so tired the lights were dancing in front of my eyes.

Tonight on TV, we have Ghost Whisperer and Threshold and a new show on ABC called Hot Properties. Has anyone else noticed the string of new shows that all claim to be the next Sex and the City? I was a die hard SATC fan for many years, and I'm seeing all these new shows come out saying they are the next SATC, and I'm just shaking my head. Why can't the shows try to be more original and not compare themselves to something else that was very popular? If a show is good, it will stand out on its own and not because it is like this show or that one. Over on One Couch Critic I have a review of last night's ER here.

Over on my Media Village blog, Thoughts from the Couch, I've started a new feature called Today's Buzz where I talk about what's hot and happening in the news in regards to entertainment and television. The Buzz today seems to be about Oprah helping nab a sex offender and another one of those Dancing With The Stars type shows soon coming to Vh1. Hop on over to read all about it.

Have a great night everyone!


I know what you mean about the cycles, Gina--those dynamite writing periods followed by the bleh ones. I’ve noticed that my blogging habits have a lot to do with it. While a certain amount of blogging keeps my writing skills sharp and gets those creative juices flowing, too much makes me feel drained and saps my creativity. I’ve got to find that happy medium.

The worst part is getting caught up in the near constant blog hopping and discovering so many fascinating links. It’s amazing how many hours can flit by before I realize that I’ve wasted a day that I had intended to devote to my manuscript. And by the time I’m cognizant of that I’ve lost the muse. ;-)

chryscat said...

Yes. Everything comes and goes in cycles. I understand completely. ACK!
Sometimes it's hard to cycle out, but you will.

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