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Friday, October 14, 2005

A good story that just sucks you in. You keep turning page after page because you're into the story and you want to read more of it. You want to read it until its done. I'm still reading The Vampire Sextette, my assignment to review for over at Romance Divas. it's a collection of six novellas, and the first one read really slow for me. The second story, shorter, but is just reading so much faster for me. I'll probably finish the last ten pages tonight and move onto story three.

I was so engrossed in my reading, I didn't get to my fiction last night. Did do my necessary posts over on both my review and media blogs. This morning they announced the new James Bond. I was still awake when the announcement was made official during the UK lunch hour. The new Bond is Daniel Craig. Um ... not to be mean or anything, but he just isn't the right man for the role in my opinion. He really isn't all that sexy to me. Plus, he's blonde. All Bond's have been dark haired. Rumor is they might dye it. Names that were also up for the role included Hugh Jackman and Jude law. Clive Owen was also mentioned. Now those three I can definitely see as Bond. Hugh especially. Clive too. I really loved him in Sin City and Closer.

I really need to kick back into gear fiction wise. I'd done so well the last two months with keeping up both sides of my writing. Maybe I needed a break. This happened to me in July too. I wrote very little fiction, but I did well on the nonfiction side of things. I guess I'll have to see what happens. I did sign up for the mentoring program over at Romance Divas as an apprentice. I really need to figure out what's wrong fiction wise because it just isn't selling. It's been really a bit discouraging and frustrating to see one side of my writing doing okay and building, and the other side falling flat on its face. At first the program was set to start on November 1st, but it looks like it has been moved back to after the first of the year. I'll have to see what happens. I have no plans to do Nano this year, but I might jump over and do Evolution's short story one next month, and another message board has something next week too for short stories. So I'll look into those.

Fans of ER can check my review of last night's episode over on my review blog. Check for link on my sidebar! Have a great night everyone!


Kelly Parra said...

That's what I love about a good story too. Regarding the new Bond, Craig likely gives off the Bond sophistication known for the Bonds. Even though I love Owen and Jackman, they are pretty masculine men, which I feel most the Bond's weren't.

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