197. Where did this day go?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I was tempted to skip my entry for today. I overslept, and then things were busy on the entertainment news front so I was writing up my daily posts for my media village blog most of the afternoon. I also woke up to what looked like nearly a hundred emails on one of the lists I'm on. Seems in the last eight or so hours I was offline there was a bit of a ruckus, and someone was ejected from the list because of it. So I spent most of my afternoon going through those emails as well, and emails are still trickling in now. I thought about dropping my two cents into the matter, but what good is that going to do but just add more to everyone's inflated inboxes.

I'm the type of person when I'm not happy with some thing as this writer apparently was, I keep quiet. It takes a lot for me to speak up. If I'm not happy with a situation, I find the most professional and easiest way to get out of it when it comes to my writing. Part of the reason why I created my own review site is because I wasn't happy with a certain situaton. My review site could have done really bad, but I'm happy to report in just a little over six weeks time I've had over 10,000 visitors, and I'm pushing towards 13,000 page loads. I work at promoting my site heavily each day, but hopefully in time i'll have a set of readers. I'm already seeing this happen. When I search for my blog through technorati, I see links to my review site, and more of them pop up each day.

I'm slowly getting over what bug I had. The early part of the week I felt horrible. I overslept today not because I felt ill, but because my cats picked this morning to keep me up. They kept running in and out of the room, and my kitten loves the new warmer quilt I put on the bed so he was jumping up and down. For some reason, the lump under the covers meant nothing to him, so he kept jumping on top of me. lovely way to wake up out of a dead sleep. I even heard my brother yell at the cats once or twice.

Last night was spent watching Lost, check for my review of that episode over on my review site, and reading. I'm playing with ideas in my head. The muses wants I think want to play, but they don't want to play with any of my current WIP's. This makes me feel bad because if I start another project, I know it'll make it harder for me to go back to the ones I have in progress at the moment. Everyone is gearing up for Nano next month, and I'm not even go to try this year. The last two years I have, but it just didn't work for me. I write my fiction too slow for it to work. I might look at one of the alternatives I see floating around some of the message boards. Maybe try one of those.

Well, I'm off. Have a wonderful night everyone!


Kelly Parra said...

I don't usually speak up either if something is crazy. And I usually steer clear of hot topics. I just don't want to get flamed unless it really matters to me. =)

chryscat said...

Oh good grief! I know exactly what you mean about the ruckus on some lists. I had one about two weeks ago, and it was just ridiculous. It was a narrow-minded person talking down to someone else. Usually I let this type of thing slide, but I didn't this time. It was rather infuriating. I only typed one email though. I tried to limit myself. *grins*
I'm glad your review site is doing so well! That's absolutely marvelous!
Sorry you were under the weather. And the cats? *laughing* They have no respect for ANYTHING! They love to play!

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