209. Making a change ...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

As writers we all work any number of publishers, publications and websites. These may change as you move on in your career, and you might stay with one publication or publisher throughout your writing career. However, sometimes you need to make a change, and sometimes that is hard to do. You might not want to do it, but in the long run of things, you know at some point a change will need to be made. We've all had to go through this at one point or another.

I've had this happen to me over the last couple of months. I've been with one site for a bit of time now, and I've learned much from my time on that site. I've learned things I've applied in both my own site and my work over at Media Village. However, I knew at some point, my time with that site would have to come to an end. At the very least temporarily. I won't say the break is permanent because things can change in the future. This has happened today. With some recent developments, I knew a change would need to be made, and I made it after a lot of thought, consideration and consultation. I think the break will save me future stress and frustration, and I will be able to return my focus elsewhere. Possibly towards my fiction. I'm hoping to pick things up on that front soon. Tonight will be a bit busy, but the weekend should be a bit slower. I'll see what I can manage then.

Tonight sees the return of one of my favorite shows following the forced hiatus for baseball, The OC. I talk about the earlier episodes and what I hope is to come briefly in my post today over on Thoughts from the Couch. If you are a fan of The OC, check that out here. ER is also all new tonight, so I'm pleased to have both shows back this week. I'm curious to see what they both have in store for us with new cast additions this season trying to stir things up.

Where does time go? I need to be off. Have a wonderful night everyone.


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