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Saturday, November 12, 2005

This morning I woke up to check my email to find an email from someone that had stumbled across my blog at some point today. They were appalled by my writing and mentioned some spelling errors in my last post made yesterday. I went to check, and yes there was a typo or two. Actually the same typo made twice, which I quickly fixed. Somehow spell check didn't catch the error. My latest habit seems to be my typing a ' whenever I see an s at the end of a word. I'm not even sure when I started doing it, but it is a new typo for me, and I usually catch them with spell check or reading over.

Well, I didn't catch it yesterday, and someone else did. With our blogs, we try to put our best foot forward at all times, but with daily entries sometimes we mess up. We're not perfect. Just the other day in Kelly's blog, she talked about blogging and how difficult it can be to keep a blog fresh and exciting. I've been blogging here since March, but I've had an online journal since July 2001. My early entries in my journal make me roll my eyes and laugh. Back then the purpose of my journal was the same as it is now. To meet other people that share a similar interest. Back then, that interest happened to be popular music and in one group in particular. Today the interest is much different and professional.

We want our blogs to become a reflection of who we are, and editors and others may come across our blog. They might not expect perfection in our blogs, but blogs riddled with errors will definitely give them the wrong impression. What I'm learning is that spell check doesn't always catch every little typo. It should, but it doesn't. There are some things only an eye can catch, but even then the eye might not catch them until hours later. Sometimes you don't even realize it.

I love my blog, and I love writing in it every day. It's my way of sharing my life with others. I know I might not always write about what people want to read about, but what I write about in here are the topics I happen to think about at any given time the day I write my entry. That does happen to be a lot about television, but television seems to have made its way into every part of my life.

In yesterday's comments Kelly asked about Night Stalker. This isn't one of the shows I cover on my review site; so let me give you the 411 here. Night Stalker is on ABC Thursdays at 9/8c. It stars Stuart Townsend and Gabrielle Union. Two name actors. It is a remake of a 70s classic of the same name. This show follows one reporter as he reports the news for a small paper in LA. He always seems to find the stories that have some tie to the supernatural. The show has a bit of an X-files feel to it, and it is definitely a scare fest on a weekly basis. Bad news here is the show isn't doing all that well in the ratings. Only 3.9 million viewers tuned in this past Thursday, and the network has yet to pick it up for a full season. I enjoy this show a lot. Good actors and acting. Scary plots too. I just don't know how long the show will last with the terribly low ratings it is getting. We will have to wait and see shall we?

I've made some minor changes to my blog sidebar again, repairing things and moving them around a bit. For those Blogazoos out there, here is a gazoo. If you stop by this blog tonight, don't forget to check my blog of the week. The space there will be open tomorrow for a new blog, but I have decided to start keeping up the links to past blogs of the week for a month past their week.

Have a wonderful night and Sunday everyone. I'll see you back here on Monday, unless I'm drawn back here for some reason before then.


Kelly Parra said...

Oh my gosh about the email!! I relate because I have typos all the time that the spell check doesn't catch.

Thanks about Night Stalker. No wonder I don't catch it since it's on Thursdays. I watch Survivor and then CSI. It's hard to go up against a show like that.

deloresdefacto said...

Why do people bother emailing you about something so inane? A personal blog is not designed for perfection.

Gina said...

CSI is tough to beat, Kelly! It broke 30 million viewers this past week.

I have no idea, Delores. I assume because my writing in here offended them so much that they had to ask if an editor did all my work for me? When I don't even have an editor I work with on any of my sites at the moment.

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