215. And the weekend arrives ...

Friday, November 11, 2005

I don't know what it is about the weekends but things just seem to slow down a lot, and I just don't feel as much pressure to get things done as I do during the rest of the week. I know I have things that need to get done, but things just seem to move at a slower pace once the weekend arrives. Entertainment news and television programming also seems to slow a bit on the weekends so I have time to focus on other areas of my writing life. I have some authors to research this weekend for my November interview commitments over at ERRW, and I need to continue to read the book I'm reviewing as well. I need to write up the review for my Romance Divas sometime in the next few days as well because I want to get that out. That book is nearly read, but the last novella in the collection is really dragging and confusing me. So that one is taking me a bit to focus on.

I also just applied for a DVD reviewer position at an online magazine, so I'll wait to hear back on that. Something I've noticed that not many publications looking for nonfiction work get back to you if you don't get the job, and sometimes even if you are one of the ones they are considering you don't hear back from them for weeks. You almost forget you even applied, and then you receive an email, and you're left trying to remember what position it was. The ones you never hear back from though bug me a little bit. How hard is it to write an email to let someone know they weren't right for the position. Even a mass emailing is better than nothing in my opinion. Depending on the writing job postings for that week I usually send out one or two a week. If I find time to peek at them. Things have been crazy lately, so I haven't been able to do a lot of things lately. Things really need to calm down. I'm getting better organized though. Developing a system of doing things so that everything ends up getting done that needs to be done each day. What can wait til the next day I push back if necessary.

Last night, I reviewed The O.C. and ER, so if you are fan of those shows check those reviews over on my review site. A busy Friday for the networks because three shows got the ax today. Next season we won't see Arrested Development or 7th Heaven return. Freshman show Kitchen Development. I have a story on the FOX comedies up now. Check later on tonight for my news piece on 7th Heaven.

Have a wonderful night everyone. I'm off.


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