227. Some changes are coming ...

Friday, November 25, 2005

Well the food has been had, the family has been spent time with, and the Thanksgiving 2005 holiday is now in the books! Now we're looking at Christmas and then the New Year, and then my thirtieth birthday will be here, and wow … where does the time go everyone? This year has just been moving very fast, and I'm shocked to see the holidays already here.

Some of you that regularly stop by here probably noticed the new look for my blog. With the passing of Thanksgiving, it was time to make the blog here ready for Christmas. I like the new look, a little brighter than my Thanksgiving layout. I also made a few more small changes to my sidebar. Whenever I get bored or lazy, I seem to tune up the sidebar here or on my review blog.

I just finished eating dinner. Leftover turkey turned into turkey chili. Yummy. We still have so much leftover from yesterday. The brother was in charge of our turkey this year again. Dad had bought a seventeen-pound bird for us. We originally had two more people coming, but they decided not to the day before Thanksgiving. More for the three of us! I was in charge of the stuffing, and I've mastered that art.

Did I happen to mention that the extent of my brother's and mine cooking expertise is boiling water for spaghetti? Dad made the mashed potatoes, and we sat down to a lovely dinner around four in the afternoon. Topped it off with some pumpkin pie, and the day was perfect. Even if I did wake up at 9am, and who knows when the last time I did that was?

It's been quiet this week, so its been giving me a lot of time to think about things, this blog being one of them. As I've mentioned in the past, I've had a journal on one or another of the journaling sites since 2001. My current journal is over on greatest journal, and it really hasn't been getting much attention as I used to.

When I started this blog, I wrote in that journal every single day, and some times many times a day. Just as thoughts came to my mind or I heard of things that interested me that others might also find some interest in as well. As time passed, I started writing in my journal less and less, and my attention focused here on this blog. I never thought this blog would still be here nearly nine months later, but here it is, and this blog is now my online home for my thoughts. My home and center is no longer with the journals I've had on that one site.

This blog is a bit different than my journal. This blog is public, and my journal was hardly ever public. I tried to make it public, but that experiment didn't work very well. Some of the people on greatest journal aren't all that nice, and they seem to have this ugly habit of mocking others for their own entertainment value.

We see this on blogs too, but for some reason it is more prevalent on the free journaling sites that offer all these little features such as icons and friends lists. It becomes a competition of who has the most people on their friends list, who has the best icons in their journal, or even worse who icons who. "Oh no you can't icon her because I icon her, and she's mine!" Yes, people actually do that, and I've even fallen into the trap and done it myself. I smacked myself and stopped.

I sometimes find myself wanting to come to my blog and post when I find something interesting or I have some odd thought that comes to my head. Sometimes even late at night after I find some sudden burst of inspiration and find a muse to write in one of my works in progress. I stop myself though because for some reason I've trained myself to write in here just once a day. I gather all my thoughts or try to in any case, and write them in here all at once. Sometimes I forget things I wanted to say, and then I'll remember it later on.

So I think I might be making a bit of a change. Not sure how it will work. I'll still have daily entries, except for Sundays, like I've been doing. However, now I might pop in more than once a day. If I have something to say, I'm not going to stop myself and wait for the next day. If I find a link in the blogosphere, a story in the news that grabs my interest, a woohoo I wrote something that isn't television related or just any other random thoughts I'll just come in as I please. It might even be on a Sunday, but those days will not have big flowing entries - like this one. I ramble so much at times! My friends tell me they love my rambles, but sometimes I wonder if they just say that so I'll stop rambling!

Well, right now I'm stopping them. I need to go write up the new movie releases for my Media Village blog. I might pop up here again in a bit. I have some more thoughts percolating in my brain.


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