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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Do you ever wonder why certain people enter your life? Is it fate or destiny? Or is it just the way things happen. If you go left instead of right one day, are you taking the chance of not meeting someone that might have some huge influence in your life? The term destined or soul mate is something we see, especially when it comes to romance novels, but does it really exist? Are people meant to be in your life? Not only lovers but friends too. Is there such a thing as forever, or are things meant to be forever and always changing? Are things supposed to be fluid? If things stay always the same will things get stale like food does in the refrigerator after a few days?

Not sure where all this is coming from. I sat here and stared at the blank space in my Microsoft Word, and I didn't know what to say. I've been doing a lot of thinking lately, and usually thoughts such as these would go on my personal journal where I can lock it away from a majority of the world and just allow a few to see, but lately I really haven't felt much like writing in that journal because it really hasn't been feeling all that personal.

I have a small group of people I've met here online that I talk to semi-regularly. Lately though I've been feeling quite disconnected from them. I can count on probably less than the fingers on one hand that I feel some kind of connection to at the moment, and it isn't really anybody's fault we all don't talk as much as we used to. Things get crazy busy and people lose touch. It happens here in the world, both online and offline.

I have some people in my life that I've had in my life for years, and I'd love it if they were always in my life, but sometimes things change, people change, and they end up drifting apart. Is it natural for this to happen in life? People may come and go, but there should be a reason for it shouldn't there? Are people meant to be in your life at a certain point and time to teach you some lesson of life? Once you learn it, are they then supposed to leave it?

This entire train of thought sort of goes along with my post from yesterday about the solitary life of a writer. Over the years, I've had people come and go in my life. I've lost friends both the easy way and the hard way, and sometimes it makes you wonder if it would just be easier to be alone. As a writer, I usually am fairly content living with my own words and creations. Loneliness does strike from time to time, but those moments do end up passing. I'm usually content to entertain myself using my own devices.

If things are always the same will it get old and stale? Do we need things to be constantly changing to liven it up some? Or if things are always the same will they be comfortable? Comfortable like an old pair of jeans you've had forever and fit you like a second skin.  I think I might be rambling now, but I've just had a lot on my mind lately.

Last night, I updated my traffic exchange review. I added some new information for Blog Explosion, added one new service, and I also removed two because I've decided to discontinue using them at this time. The two sites I've stopped using are the surf for cash sites I had listed E-Profit Surf and Auto-surf.biz. Some recent changes I've heard about, and some problems I've had with my sites being listed have prompted me to stop using the sites. The site I added is called Surf Wizard, and bloggers especially might want to take note of this website exchange. You can check for my traffic exchange review here.

I'm always trying out different site exchanges to get traffic to my sites. There are a few others I use quite frequently on my sidebar that I plan to add to my review at some point. Just today I joined one called Easy Free Traffic because they are currently giving new members 60,000 free credits. One credit equals one hit to your site. They do ask you to surf at least 5-10 sites a day, but that would take mere minutes. I just signed up this afternoon, but my sites were enabled for use in the system almost immediately. Shouldn't hurt anything to try it with the free credits.

For fans of Surface, I have a full review of last night's episode up on my review site. Have a great night everyone.


Kelly Parra said...

Gina, if you don't want to lose touch with certain friends, than don't. They may want to keep in touch as much as you. =)

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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