221. Grabbing muses ...

Friday, November 18, 2005

I really need to start doing this waking up before noon thing. I just get so much more done! Yes, another early day for me today. Went to bed last night at 5am after writing two and a half pages. Yes, I was able to snag one of my muses to write. I had an idea for a scene to add to one of my stories yesterday afternoon, and I was able to get some down by hand. I'll type it in sometime this weekend.

I grabbed the first muse I could, and I blinked at him, then I stared for a moment, and then I was like … what's your name again? Yes, I forgot the name of my main character in one of my WIP's . It'd been so long since I looked at my manuscript. I was lost for a moment, so I had to go dig out my manuscript file on my computer to find the name.

All was well though, and I did write two and a half pages. I'm going to try for more later on tonight. I still write best late at night when it comes to my fictional pursuits. I am hoping these muses start being a little more forthcoming. I have at least two of my WIP's that are still active in my mind, another idea I'm pondering on starting, and two WIP's I have on files that I'm not sure where they are going, but they are far enough along that I would feel bad abandoning them.

Last week, I talked about Sony's new CD protection system and how it was causing problems for some users. Well, apparently Sony has backed off from the new protection system, and is offering to exchange CD's for new unprotected copies. Seems to me it would be nice if Sony gave you the CD for free, especially since they opened up your computer to hackers and might even have caused damage to some computers with CD drives possibly being disabled by the software. Seems only fair to me. Sony did receive a lot of pressure to do even this bare minimum of recalling the CD's for exchange. A lot of that pressure is said to have come from bloggers. EDIT: Here is a full list of CD's with copy protection. Check here to see if you own any of the CD albums in question so you can exchange them.

Fans of The O.C. and ER can check out my reviews of both shows last night on my review site. Have a great night everyone!


Mark Pettus said...

I'm a night writer (and a binge writer), and would love to have a couple of months to dedicate to my WIP without having to wake for my JOB.

I don't think I've ever forgotten a major character's name. I did have one minor character who at first seemed like a Tim, then a Chris, and finally a Damian... I never forgot, but I did confuse the hell out a couple of early readers...

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