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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I've been up for hours already. I actually woke up pre-noon today. Yes, when one goes to bed at 6am every morning, noon is normal. I am not even able to function without at least six hours a sleep a day. I was going to say night, but I don't sleep at night, so that wouldn't make sense now would it?

I don't even remember when it was that my sleeping pattern got so out of whack, but it happened, and some mornings I'm heading to bed just as the sounds of birds chirping and the sun is beginning to rise.  Some people might think that's crazy because I don't have a particular reason for staying up to all hours of the early morning. I just find the quiet nice, and when I'm actually working on my fiction … imagine me glaring at my muses here … those night time hours are the times I have the most productivity fiction wise.

Today my brother decided to wake me up before noon though because I had a package waiting for me. I love getting stuff in the mail that isn't just your normal everyday junk stuff. This was a DVD though. Good stuff. I had requested The Skeleton Key through Blogcritics about a month and a half ago to review, and when the movie came out yesterday I had begun to wonder if I would receive the DVD. Well, it came by Fed Ex this morning, and I plan to try to watch it after I review tonight's extended episode of Lost. Last night I reviewed Supernatural and Bones, so fans of those shows check out for my reviews over on my site One Couch Critic.

Today it was officially announced whom People picked for this year's Sexiest Man Alive. It is actor Matthew McConaughey. I just posted about this over at Thoughts from the Couch with a nice yummy picture of the man himself. He happens to be one of my favorite actors, and I've watched a lot of his movies. He seems to do well whether the movie is either comedic or action packed - a very versatile actor. I asked this question over on my other post, but I might as well ask it here as well. What do you think of this choice by People? There are so many hot men out there these days. A list of them comes to my mind – Josh Holloway from Lost. Brad Pitt is always a winner. Sigh there is so many men! I am sure picking one for this special twentieth anniversary edition of the sexiest man alive was difficult for the people at People.

Where does the time go? I feel like I just woke up. I'm off. Have a wonderful night everyone!


healing_hand said...

hi... healing hand from supernatural board at media blvd. just letting you know i set up to comment once in a while.

late night can be best for writing; but it's a difficult schedule to commit to long term.

i just started reading your entries here and will soon read some reviews... cu

Shari said...

Yum - I adore Matthew, and not just beacuse he got arrested for dancing naked and playing the bongos across town! LOL Aside from the fact that he's a local boy (which definitely gives him my personal bonus points), he's taken chances and played roles that aren't always the super-leading-man. He isn't afraid to take chances. Not being a big TV person, I recently saw the "Sex and the City" episode where he wanted Carrie to "Hollywood-ize" her Big story. It cracked me up!

Brad Pitt doesn't impress me. I liked a couple of his movies, but I don't go out of my way to catch them in theaters.

Kelly Parra said...

Brad Pitt lost popularity points with the public when he ditched his wife for another woman. So did Tom Cruise when he went wacky for Katie, but that didn't bother me. What did was sweeping her off her feet and getting her pregnant so quickly. Wow. ;) So I guess Matthew was pretty cute and the naked playing bongos incident is behind him. lol

Miladysa said...

I surprised he was voted sexiest man alive. I used to like Brad Pitt too but he has lost brownie points.

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