212. A busy Monday

Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday's always seem to be busy. Even if you aren't doing all that much during the day. Things just seem to drag on a bit too. Perhaps that is because it is the start of a new week. Although I feel my week starts on Sunday night because that is when my review week begins. I seem to have things finally down to some kind of rhythm. I am getting a set routine down, and if my muses were actually cooperating with me, I would probably be able to get some fiction writing in, but my fiction muses are sadly completely and totally silent. I've tried, but there is just nothing going on in my head. I'll get flashes of things, but when I sit down to go ahead and follow through with them there is nothing there, and that is just very frustrating to me. If I was doing Nano this month, I'd be screwed. No doubt about it, but since I'm not I don't have that added pressure on me.

Dad came home with his new car today. Well, his new used car today. brother and him are going through it to see what needs fixing because the dealer said within 90 days they would fix everything. Nice 2 door Chysler with all the little bells and whistles. Even has a CD player. It just has some miles and a few years on it, but this won't be my dad's final car. He is already looking at when his credit improves so he can buy a totally brand new car. Today, he finally was able to also pick me up Batman Begins on DVD rental, so I'll be watching that tonight. I've heard a lot of good things about it, and my one friend is totally obsessed with it, so I've been wanting to see it since it came out. I just happened found it available since it came out. Now I have it, so once things are done tonight review wise with Surface, I'll be popping in that DVD. Monday's are a quiet TV night, so I'll be able to enjoy it, especially since Surface is on so early for me. Speaking of reviews, Grey's fans can find my review of last nights episode over on my review site.

Dad also brought dinner home, so I'm off. I hope you all have a wonderful night!


Kelly Parra said...

Sorry about the fictional muse, that can be a drag. I hope it starts sparking to life soon. =)

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