217. Busy Monday and Blog of the week!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Happy Monday everyone! Another week has begun. How are those out there during Nano? The month is almost half done. How are you doing? Let me know! Monday is by far one of my busiest days, and I actually slept in today a bit later than normal, so I was behind schedule. Came down with something right in the middle of Grey's Anatomy, and I didn't feel all that great during the rest of the night.

Dad came in from work this afternoon, saying he has a cold, and now it looks like I might be joining him. I'm trying to figure out if I have actually have one or if I only think I have one because he does. You know how that works right? One person gets sick, and the rest of the house follows or at least thinks they are sick too. I'll probably know by tomorrow. It has been colder here. It hit 55 here last night, and I had to bundle myself all up to keep warm.

I had a nice quiet Sunday. I really love the weekends because everything is just so much calmer and slower paced on the weekends. There is no need to rush. My weekend ends though with the airing on Sunday night's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Last night's episode was really great, and I loved it. I was frustrated with the ending, but I think I'm just way too involved with that show. I have a full recap and review over on my review site, so check that out! Tonight is Surface, and the previews for this episode really looked great. I'm excited to see this episode, and I'll have a review of it up sometime tonight.

I have chosen a Blog of the Week for this week! This week we have a personal blog of one man living in Singapore. He uses his blog to discuss many topics. His blog caught my eye when surfing last night when he spoke of the death of WWE star Eddie Guerrero, which I also covered today over on Thoughts from the Couch. Check it out on my sidebar!

I need to go do some bloghopping, so I'm off. Have a great night everyone!


Read your Blog of the Week, Gina and all I have to say is thanks for introducing me to another interesting blog that I don’t have time to read! LOL

I always find the most interesting information on your blog. :-D

Gina said...

Hah you're welcome! There are so many blogs out there. It makes it hard to pick and choose which to read.

Thanks, Daisy. I just think about a lot of different things, so my blog seems to cover a bit of everything!

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