223. A solitary life

Monday, November 21, 2005

Writers seem to be a breed of people all by themselves. Writers live more in their heads creating the worlds of people that don't really exist outside their own minds. Some find it harder to deal with the rest of the world because even when they aren't writing, they are still thinking and more often than not their thoughts are centering on the next page, chapter, or story.

A writer's mind never seems to quit. It is always working, and that sometimes makes it difficult for the writer. I've heard writing is a very solitary profession, and I never really understood how so until the last few months. Writing isn't easy. The only way the writing will get done is if you plant yourself in your chair in front of your computer or with pen and paper in hand and write. Write all the time. There are so many writers out in the world. So many that won't ever sell a book or have their own byline.

For some that doesn't bother them because they aren't writing for any of that. Others want that, and it will never happen for them. For every published author, there is probably ten times that number that is unpublished. Probably even more than that. I've never really looked.

Sometimes planting your butt to write means you can't do other things. Sometimes you'll have deadlines or schedules you must adhere to. That may mean you can't go out to do that one thing you want to do that day, but instead wait until another day. Sometimes that means you can't sit at your computer hopping blogs and forums or talking to your friends via email or instant messaging programs.

Back in August, I made a conscious decision to pull back from some of the extra stuff I was doing throughout my days. I knew if I was going to do something with my writing, whether it be nonfiction or fiction, I needed to focus and get it done. I needed to apply myself, and I might even have to give a little in hopes of getting a lot. I started my review site, and then I picked up the position over at Media Village. My position at Media Village will pay me, but my review site is all me. All on my own time and doing. The only pay I get for that is comments and some random clicks to my site sponsored advertising, which doesn't add up to much.

I lost some friends. I became a bit unpopular among people I used to be close to, but I knew that I had to do it. I didn't like doing it. It was a tough choice. Focus on my career and me or spend hours a day talking to all these people that I adored but were taking up way too much time that could be used writing. My days are so quiet now. It is a bit lonely and solitary. I can count on one hand the number of people I talk to on a weekly basis, and I can count on less than that the number of people I talk to on a daily basis online.

My hours are spent writing and promoting my sites – all three of my sites, which include this blog. Many writers only have their website and blog to promote. I have three blogs that all need promotion. My work is paying off though.

I just found out today that my blog Thoughts from the Couch is now considered a HOT blog by Media Village, which means it is one of the best blogs on the site. I began my blog with the site the last week of September, and I thought it might take some time and work to obtain that status, and I've now reached it. Now I just need to keep it there. A writer also never stops working, improving or writing. The work of a writer is never done.

I've chosen a new Blog of the Week! This week we have Sir Dirge Thinking, a news blog with one man covering the news of importance in computers. I know a lot of writers like to keep up on computing news since we're on our computers so much. He covered the Sony scandal, and he also has some other stories recently posted that may be of interest. Check the site out!

Fans of Grey's Anatomy can check out my review of last night's Thanksgiving themed episode over on my review site. Tonight is Surface, and I'll have a review of that show up on my site after the show airs.

Have a great night everyone.


Dawno said...

What a lovely site to look at as well as read. Congratulations on having the Hot Site with Media Village - I'll need to wander over and read Thoughts from the Couch soon.

I appreciated what you had to say about writing and solitude. I wasn't willing to take that step, as you have, but with my daughter leaving home I'll have so much time to fill, I think this could be when it all comes together.

Kelly Parra said...

You're hard work and sacrafices are paying off, Gina. Good work!

Annalee Blysse said...

Congrats on news about your review blog!

Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by Dawno and for the congrats.

Thanks Annalee and Kelly! Annalee the hot site is actually gossip and news blog over on media village, but my review blog is doing well also. I have four blogs, three active at the moment. It's hard to keep them all straight!

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