218. All I wanna do ...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Last night I took a small trip down musical lane. I love music. I have songs for everything. I love all types of music too. If I like a song, it doesn't really matter from what genre it is, I just like it. Well last night, I put on one of my old mix CD's, and I found Black Hole Sun. This song takes me back to college, and more specially freshman year. I remember my boyfriend at the time was obsessed with this song, among many others. Hearing certain songs can automatically take me back to that time period and remind me of him.

I listened to that a few times, and then I went digging through my CD's looking for other music from that same time period, and I finally pulled out my Sheryl Crow CD, and I just turned it off. I've been listening to All I wanna do on repeat since last night. Now I've moved on to my Bryan Adams CD because a friend mentioned him last night as well. This song is just in my opinion amazing, Star. All I wanna do is just so fun, and it has a great message too. It made me start to think some.

The song is all about having fun and living life to your fullest. We're all really busy with our lives, and what we do on a daily basis. We may have full time jobs on top of our writing endeavors. Some have children on top of that, and then you know those little things called significant others. At times it can be all too much. My own life has been quite hectic the past couple of months too. Someone, I believe Barb, over on the Absolute Write message board said swamped seems to work for me. Well, I wish it would work just a bit better because I'm not getting certain things done. I know I'm behind on my book reviewing responsibilties and I haven't woke up my fiction muse yet.

Life is busy. Everyone's life is busy, but that doesn't mean you can't find some way to make things fun. Even if it just five minutes where you stand in the middle of your singing along to your favorite song. For those five minutes you aren't sitting at your computer staring at the screen. You're doing something different, something you enjoy doing. Not saying that we all don't enjoy writing, but you know variety is the spice of life. What do you do for fun when all you have is a short amount of time to spare? Whatever it is, do that next time you feel yourself getting stressed and frustrated. It will make the stress ease up just a little bit. What difference is five minutes going to make?

Two quick television notes. As I suspected Night Stalker was canceled. CSI was just too much to go up against. The show's creator posted about its demise on his blog Sunday, and official word came down from ABC last night. Check my review site for a recap of last night's Surface! Have a great night everyone!


kacey said...

sometimes listening to a playlist of songs can really give me the pick me up I need to get back at it.

Kelly Parra said...

Yeah, have to take a few minutes to have fun. Stress is a pain in the butt. *laughs* ;)

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