220. Just five more minutes ...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm sure we've all done it at one time or another. The alarm goes off and we slam it off with the words just five minutes. Then those five more minutes turn into ninety more minutes somehow, and then you're up and running late. Well, that is what happened today. I've decided to try getting up at noon every day because it seems things just move easier with less stress. Since I go to bed nearing 6am, which gives me six hours of sleep. That should work for me.

So today I set the alarm to go off at noon, and when it went off I woke up, but I didn't stay up. I looked at the clock next, and it was 1:35, and I jumped out of bed. I need to do better at not saying five more minutes. The afternoons and the evening hours while my shows are on seem to be the busiest for me. Not the times they are on, but directly following I am off writing my reviews of that night's episode. I've got that down to a science now, especially since the shows I review are spread out over different nights of the week. I might add one or two of the new mid-season shows to my line-up, but I'm waiting to see about that. I need to see where they fall time wise.

I keep playing with my sidebar on this blog. I've added a few things. Links to songs I'm listening to, what I'm watching, and the like. The song downloads work through iTunes. I changed the movie to The Skeleton Key, which I watched last night. Great movie. I should have my review of the movie and DVD up on my site at some point this weekend, with it appearing on Blogcritics as well some time after that.

Speaking of reviews, my review of last night's episode of Lost is up on my review site now, and I'll have reviews of tonight's The O.C. and ER up later tonight if all goes to plan. This day has just gotten away from me. I have a bit to catch up on over the weekend as well. I need to write up my two interviews for ERRW and continue reading my assigned book for that site as well. Also need to write-up my book review for Romance Divas as well.

So much to do. Just got to breathe and get it all done. Have a wonderful night everyone!


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