211. Why am I so cold?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm freezing, and I check the temp on my desktop weather program, and it says it is 81 here, and I'm still cold. Oh well. Such is life. I never made it here to my blog yesterday, so this is the now rare Sunday post. Things have been a bit hectic lately, so I called a virtual mental health day because I needed it. I've been under stress, and I'm starting to feel like I'm spinning my wheels a bit. I'm not making as much as I would like from my writing. I know it takes time, but I want it now. Not five years from now. I also know all good things come to those that wait, but I'm getting tired of waiting.

Everything just seems to be building. Things have been crazy in every aspect of my life. Brother got a new job which he starts tomorrow. He would have started during the week, but him and dad were still working on getting him a car. They were still sharing after the one dad had was repo. Word of advice: Never have your car repossessed. Technically, it shouldn't have been because we had worked out a deal with the creditor, but it was still taken, and it still showed on my dad's credit report. It will take a couple of years to fall off, and with it on his credit report banks won't touch him with a ten foot pole. After a month and a half of trying, we finally found him one. A used one, and we had to pay cash for it. There goes a chunk of the savings. Good news is he will have the car here tomorrow afternoon. If all goes according to schedule.

Then I see the holidays are fast approaching, and soon after that comes January and my birthday. This year isn't just any birthday though. It is the big 30, and I'm looking at my life and what I have done and I just expected to be further by now. It's just a bit depressing really. I know I'm still young, and I know I didn't choose the easiest of path's to walk down. Writing isn't easy. Breaking into the writing market is really hard, and I'm trying. One area of my writing seems to be moving a bit faster than the other, but it still isn't as fast as I would like. I never have been patient, so that side of me is coming into play now. I also miss my fiction efforts, but my muses seem to be totally and completely silent. Hopefully, they will return soon.

This morning before I went to bed I turned on the news. It is what I do every morning before crawling into bed. Th computer is off, and I'm just winding down from my day. This morning I tuned in and saw the devastation in Indiana from last night's tornadoes. There is so much going on with Mother Nature. So much devastation and loss of life since this summer. Sometimes I wonder if we somehow pissed her off. Then you see a movie about to air talking about the weather causing the end of the world, and you have to wonder what producer thought that one up. I'll catch what I cam just to see what the movie is about, but I'll be watching Grey's Anatomy tonight! In case you're wonder what movie I'm talking about, it is CBS' Category 7.

In the past couple of days in the blogosphere, I've noticed that people are warning others about this new thing Sony has done to copyright its CD's. They have added a little software program - spy ware - that automatically installs itself on your hard drive, the minute you put the CD in your drive. If you remove it, it will disable your CD drive. You also can't use any Sony rips in iTunes. Sony and Apple don't seem to play well in the marketplace, so Sony has made it that mp3's won't rip in iTunes. They want you to use your Windows Media Player.

Now, I don't buy as many CD's as I used to. I started to come to the conclusion that most CD's I only end up liking three to four tracks out of the twelve usually on a CD, so I download. Money is tight you know? Now the CD's I have bought, I do put in my computer, and I do rip songs onto my hard drive to play on my media player's play list. I currently use Winamp. I've been lucky because I haven't had this software program pop up yet. Sony seems to be the first to do this, and from what I can tell it might cause a bit of a boycott when it comes to their products. They shouldn't be able to put any kind of spy ware on your computer. I can see trying to protect their music, but not at the cost of someone's computer, especially if the person bought the CD already. They should be able to rip tracks from the CD to put on their computer if they own the CD. Just my thinking. This just a big buyer beware! Not all CD's with this kind of protection are labeled, so be wary of Sony products for the moment. As a writer, I know my computer is way too important to lose. To read more about this from the blogosphere check here and here.

In other news, my newest book review for Dust and Violets, a paranormal m/m erotica romance, is up over at the ERRW, you can check that out here. Check out my review blog for a new DVD review, 2005's The Amityville Horror. Also check out my new blog of the week everyone. This week's blog renter from Blog Explosion is Southern Gal Goes North. She is a humor writer that has been published in several publications. Check out her blog for her writing and views of life as a southern gal now living in the north, just like the blog name says. Check her out on my sidebar!

Have a great night everyone.


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