Are The Monsoons Hitting Early?!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Anyone that lives in Arizona knows we have a summer storm season. I just had a weather alert sent to me by my weather program for a dust storm warning until 5:00pm. Dust storms and thunderstorms are not uncommon here during the summer months, but they usually don't kick in until later in the summer season. For them to be hitting this soon is a bit strange, and I've lived here for fourteen years now. I look outside, and there is clouds overhead, and the wind is picking up. Remember what I said earlier about my niece coming into town? She hasn't made it here yet. I hope she isn't caught in the weather. Still I can't believe the summer storm season is already here. I might need to tune in to the news in a bit to see just what they say about these developments this afternoon.

And it just started to rain ...


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