Banking Problems

Friday, May 23, 2008

It seems with banks these days, you can do everything quick and easy. You can go online and check your account balance, make a transfer or pay your bills. I went online a few nights ago to pay one of my bills online, and it was still pending. Of course, this wouldn't be a problem if I had paid the bill on time. It was due on the 20th, and I paid it at midnight exactly on the 21st. Yes, just one minute can make a bill late, and when a bill is late you are charged late fees. Luckily, it only appears to be a dollar late fee, but it could have been even more. The payment went through this morning, and all is well on that front. Banks keep changing things, and they make it easier for the customer day by day.

There is new service that will let you do the next step in online banking, and that is make deposits. With your check in hand, your computer and a scanner, you can deposit money into your account using DepositNow. This service can be used with your existing bank account, and it is not even new! It has been in place since 2004, but it is rarely used. That might be because of the cost involved, but it is still an idea. It can make things easier. You don't have to go to a bank to make your deposits. Even if those are getting easier these days to with ATM's now taking cash deposits more easily. That is another topic for another time though. Things just seem to keep changing. Things are definitely getting easier to do, and it is all thanks to computers and the Internet.

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