Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Monday, May 05, 2008

A new week has begun, and the past week has been a bit hellish. After my computer decided to get hit by viruses several times last week, my connection decided to join in and give me trouble. We will call it a two-for-one special. The connection problems were caused by some work being done on my apartment building. They are repainting the whole complex, and our section was done this last week. While painting, they stupidly painted over my cable wires. The paint didn't set well on my wires, and my Internet connection is so iffy at times, I had problems most of the weekend. I had to take the paint off, and make sure all the wires and connection were in order.

I think I have it set now. It was knocking me off the most between 10:30 and 1pm, and things look good today so far. It is such a pain! Not only did I have computer issues, I also came down with a cold on Friday night. I was coughing all weekend. I kept taking naps and making sure I rested. Today I feel better than yesterday, and I'm hoping to feel even better tomorrow. I'll get back to my normal blogging habits once things are more calm. I'm thinking soon.


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