Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 11, 2008

This day is usually a sad day for me. I lost my own mother several years ago. Past a decade now, and she was always a very important part of my life. I've always felt a bit cheated by having lost her so young in life. There were so many things she missed out on. She was my biggest supporter. She always stood by me, no matter what I did. We had our problems too. All mothers and daughters do. No relationship is perfect when it comes to mothers and daughters. I know in my life though I was blessed to have her as my mom. It took me a long time to admit that to myself because I allowed our problems cloud my judgment of her. She was a good woman though, and she loved me. Someday I hope I can be half the mother she was, but I'm not sure it is in my destiny to be someone's mom. There are days I just can't see myself doing that. I have enough with my cats. I know that might sound silly, but some people aren't put on this earth meant to be parents. Others are. I think I'm one of the former. To all of the mothers out there though, have a wonderful mother's day.


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