Remembering Those We've Lost

Monday, May 26, 2008

To all of those that stop by my blog in the US, Happy Memorial Day. Today is a day to remember those we've lost. This year, my cat JJ passed away. He died on September 4th, 2007, and he wasn't even three years old. He was the sweetest cat ever, and he is missed dearly by all of us. We were there for him in his final moments. He got sick one day, and he was gone two days later. It was heart. I've lost others over the years. My mother passed away nearly thirteen years ago. My aunts and uncles have all passed on. My grandmother live on until 103 before she passed on a few years ago. It is good to remember those we've lost. They will never really be far from us. They do watch over us. If you've lost someone, take a few moments to remember the good times you spend with them today, just as you should everyday. It is good to keep their memories alive.


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