What a day ...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Went to the movies, almost broke my computer monitor, and I had massive connection issues all day. The connection issues should hopefully be fixed soon because it is affecting the whole west coast. I knew I hated my cable company for a reason. Today has been a good day though. Summer is here. Television during the summer actually exists these days. Couldn't say the same a few years ago. There is a new show premiering this Sunday, USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight. It follows an agent working with Witness Protection Program in New Mexico. Why couldn't it have been Arizona?! Mary Shannon has to help those in the program learn how to hide in plain sight. I've hidden a picture of Mary on my own sight. Why don't you see if you can find it? I'll leave her on my blog until next week!

Sponsored by USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight


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