If it isn't one thing ...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

You know how the saying goes, if it isn't one thing then it is the other. That couldn't be more true of the last two weeks for me. First my computer gets hit by viruses. Then I catch a cold, and my internet connection has fits. The cold and the connection issues have hung on. Today my father locked his car, and it won't open. Faulty alarm issues there. Those need to be fixed. We just tackle the issues as they come on. At least the cough is going away. That has been driving me nuts.

About a month ago, I mentioned about a contest I found online through Renuzit Triscents. The contest has now entered its semi-final round, and they want people to vote for the best contestant out of the ten left to win the home makeover. You can check out the contestants in the semi-finalist gallery. I took a look at the contestants, and I voted for this family. The four of them live in a small two bedroom house that from the looks of things needs a lot of work. It sounds like they are going through some difficult times, which is something I can definitely appreciate at the moment. Take a quick look, and see who you think should win the $20,000 makeover from Renuzit and Tanya Memme!


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