Moonlight Angst

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

This is prime example of why I do not let myself get too involved in television shows. News from today's upfronts is that CBS has decided to not renew Moonlight for a second season. This is shocking to say the least because from what I've noticed the series has a strong fan base. I tune in weekly myself, and I was actually into the story line of Mick St. John and his life. This is just horrible. I'm wondering if fans will try to rally support for the series like they did for Jericho last year. A whole bunch of peanuts were delivered to the offices of CBS, and they gave the show another shot. What could we send in here folks? Pints of blood? Just an idea! I'm not sure how much CBS would like that. Damn it. I really liked Moonlight.


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